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New Lease of Life!

Our customer's quality leather suite was beginning to look a bit tired, its colour was starting to fade and look a bit patchy. By mixing new colour to match the original, we were able to bring it back to life!

New lease of life 1
New lease of life 2

Fabric Rejuvenation!

The Customers seat cushions were getting badly worn, so to give the suite a new lease of life they chose to have new seat cases made in Ross Melrose Candy Henna. We find this is a great solution for slipping cushions on leather suites, and also the cushions are reversible, so twice the wear! new foam cushions were also a must.

Fabric rejuvination 1
Fabric rejuvination 2

Quality Leather Makeover

Our customers loved their leather reclining suite, but due to a problem with the leather, it deteriorated really badly.

So they chose a good quality dark brown leather from "Futura", and we completely reupholstered it for them. The final result looked better than the original when it was new!

Quality Leather Makeover 1
Quality Leather Makeover 2

Old Favourites Revamped

Our customers had grown attached to their leather sofa and chair, their dogs loved them too. But enough was enough, it was time to update them. So they chose a dark cream antiqued leather from "Futura" and we totally revamped the suite with new foams all over, and they were over the moon!

Old Favourites 1
Old Favourites 2

Hungry Dog

This Two seater Leather sofa was a firm favourite with its owner, so when his dog decided to take a bite out of the arm, he was livid!
Fortunately for him, and the dog! we were able to replace the panel. Good as New!

Hungry Dog 1
Hungry Dog 2

Leather Repair and Re-Colour

After replacing the platform lining, we made new leather cases + foam replacements. We then colour-brushed the body + arms to match with the new leather. GOOD AS NEW!

Leather repair 1
Leather repair 2

Leather Restoration

This Blue leather sofa had seen better days! Unfortunately, the leather on the seat cushions was beyond repair so we colour-matched the leather and made new cases.

After that we colour-brushed the arms in to match the original colour , and as you can see the results speak for themselves!

Sofa Leather Repair and Restoration from Sofa Doctor

Leather Repair and Recolour 2

This cream leather sofa was looking a bit tired and saggy. As you can see we give it a new lease of life by putting new foam replacements in the seats.

Leather Repair and Restore 1
Leather Repair and Restore 2

A New Lease of Life!

The finish on this leather sofa was worn and tired, but with a little TLC we brought it back to life, we replaced the centre seat panels and recoloured the rest.

New lease of life_2_1
New lease of life_2_2

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